Recipe post

The Quick Update

Just a thought, and recipe that has been my saviour today. After having spent a solid 6 hours digging the floor out of the polytunnel, I retired into my parents house today for a cup of tea and a spot of lunch. The fridge and the cupboards are full.. of random tins and ingredients, things that would have had no place in my previous student kitchen.
Just wanting a quick lunch, none of this was appropriate. Thus, in a competition of time saving and sheer laziness there can only be one winner…The Fish Finger Sandwich.
With only three ingredients  it triumphs over almost all other lunches…except for maybe the classic BLT…there’s:
The Butter. And copious amounts of it.
The Bread. The thick slice and fluffy. And of course.
The Fish Fingers. Cooked for the full 15 minutes with a quick turn for the full crunchy beauty of a fish finger.
The soft and the crunch make the perfect pair.
If you’ve never had one I urge you to try it. And don’t judge until you do ;D
And that was my saviour for today.


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